Sunday, April 6, 2008

At Home in Tuscany

We welcome you at Podere Le Rose
“Podere” means a house with a small estate for farming families.
“Le Rose”, means roses so much loved by our mother
Our parents ,Luigi and Maria Giulia, both coming from noble families desired a house in the country and decided to take permanent residence in the heart of Chianti, conveniently located within easy distance of both Florence and Siena.

Our beautiful 13th century Italian farmhouse is a monument to the restoration lovingly undertaken by our parents. Our family, one of the oldest noble family in Italian history, was originally from Genoa, then transferred to the South of Italy.

On visiting the Chianti region, our father , the General de’ Mari di Altamura and our mother, Countess Maria Giulia Bevilacqua fell in love with the unspoilt countryside and tranquillity that are so characteristic of this olive-tree clad and wine-producing district. They visited several properties but this 13th century building, with its striking appearance and beautiful surrounds, seemed ideal: mama fell in love with the house peculiar architecture and papà with the many fig trees in the property.

And we, Simonetta and Paola, fell in love with the countryside as it typically happens to “city people” at last discovering the stars in the sky and the green of the trees.

Originally a home for farming families in the area (begun in 1200 and completed in 1843), it had been empty for years. An extensive restoration program was initiated, yet always taking care to retain the ancient features of the house; such as the chestnut-wood beams, the terracotta-tiled floors, the bread-oven and the wood fire in the beautiful sitting room. The restoration took 10 months, that is what people called “a miracle” because usually it takes more time.
Restored the house ,it is now furnished with many pieces inherited by the family and other typical pieces, further enhancing the original atmosphere of rural Italy, found in antic markets. Obviously, modern comforts, such as central heating have been added, but the house is basically the same as before both inside and out.

Now we welcome here friends and guests fro all over the world. And experience the Italian lifestyle and Tuscan food and Chianti Classico wine with an Italian family .
Welcome to Tuscany !

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