Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Carnival in Italy

Beyond traditional dessert people buy or home made there is the world of masks and well known Carnival.
Venetian Carnival ( in Venice) is extremely well known for the luxurious 17° century traditional costumes, shows and music.
Viareggio Carnival (Viareggio is Tuscan coast town) is parades of floats and masks, made of paper-pulp, depicting caricatures of popular people.
There are parties for younger and older generation dressed up with masks: Pirates , Princesses, Supermans, … so many costumes.

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This is the Carnival people really live as many Italians choose, prepare and wear different costumes of …whatever or whoever : preparation the funniest time.
Here are two pictures with girls dresses like Smurfs and a kids group playing with streamers and confetti.

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