Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mimosa Drink

March 8 is “Giornata delle Donne” , Women’s Day. In many countries has an emphasis on women’s rights, but it’s also a celebration like Mother’s Day, or St. Valentine’s Day or Father’s Day. In Italy there are some social events, but it also consists of men and women expressing their best wishes to any woman encountered and offering them Mimosa flowers.
So we have decide to offer you a recipe for a Mimosa Drink

Mimosa Drink
1/3 fresh orange juice
2/3 chilled Prosecco wine or Italian Spumante
orange slice for garnish

The Mimosa is a very simple, yet delightful, cocktail that makes an excellent aperitif. Pour orange juice into a large chilled wine glass Slowly pour in the Prosecco wine, stirring gently.

Happy Lady’s Day !!!

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