Saturday, May 9, 2009

Flower Market in Greve

As every year for the last ten years, she waits to see some of us appearing on the door. When she sees us, she aks “Quando è la mostra de’ fiori?” (When is the flower market ?)... She refers to Greve flower market: it is a tradition ,it means Spring for everybody here in Tuscany and her question means “Are you going? Could I come with you???”

This is our eighty-five years old neighbor, so active and so interested in planting something every spring and having a few vases of flowers. And the Greve Market flower, the first weekend of May , is the best occasion to buy and especially to enjoy the arriving of the Good Season.
Colours : nuances of pink, red ,orange, green and blue. Roses, gerberas, dahlias, clematidis ..Even this rainy year all the flowers enchant your eyes and their perfumes inebriates you . Greve square is so charming then and you can feel yourself immerse in flowers like only a little fairy could be. It’ what our neighbor told me.

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  1. Thanks for an interesting read and for sharing your take on Tuscany - been a pleasure browsing and I look forward to your future posts.
    Regards from Cape Town,