Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Radda in the Glass Chianti -Tuscany

“Radda nel Bicchiere 2009” (Radda in the Glass) took place last weekend in the medieval town of Radda in Chianti just 5 minutes drive from us It’s an anual event (on the first weekend in June) which involve most of the people living here to offer its wines and food Italians and tourists from all over the world bought a personalized glass and enjoyed the wine tasting provided by 23 local producers. They challenged each other in a blind tasting, which was the wine festival’s highlight, tourists and experts have chosen the 3 Radda’s best wines for 2009.
“Award Ceremony for the 2009 winner of the blind tasting” gave a great surprise : “Poggio San Polo “ winery have been one of the winners. You know, they are our friends , living in the house next to us, their kids go to school with our girls , we can see their vineyards from our kitchen windows during the the cooking class . And who has join us in the past years has had the opportunity to taste their wines

The event for this edition will had been “The Radda in Chianti Crus”. Alessandro Masnaghetti and Andrea Gori will show you the crus and the vineyards of Radda in Chianti with a wonderful wine tasting of 2007 Radda in Chianti wines.
Then food shops offered tasting of local salami, cheeses , prosciutto and other local products. And restaurants and wine bars organized their special dinner menus with selected wines and traditional food.

We welcome you next year!

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  1. Hi Please can you let me know what date this is being held in 2010