Tuesday, August 11, 2009

St. Lawrence's Night

To see St. Lawrence's "fiery tears," go outside after midnight, to a place as far away as possible from city lights Lie down on the grass and look up and toward the North, about halfway between the constellation Perseus - which will be very, very low on the horizon to the northeast -- and the point directly overhead. Scan the sky elsewhere, too, but this area will be the most likely place to see the meteors. If the sky is too cloudy or the Moon is too full for you to get a good view of the stars, you might not have any luck at all -- but there will always be next year to try again!
When you see a "shooting star," make a wish, as folklore says that wishes made when seeing such a star come true.

Spaghetti della Notte di San Lorenzo

St.Lawrence's Night Spaghetti

400gr Spagetti
1 Tomato
4 Anchovies
40gr Tuna
10 Black olives
Add all the ingredients in a bowl. cook the spaghetti, pour it into the recipient and mix well, adding olive oil.

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