Thursday, January 7, 2010

Out for Lunch

Most Italians do not go out for dinner every day but only on very special occasion, such as Christmas, NewYear, Weddings and Anniversaries. We did the same during Christmas Holidays.
We went to visit old friends at Al Macereto restaurant :always warm and hospitable interior, warm welcome and great food.
Here is our menu:
Fried Polenta and Spinach Polenta, Olives and Sage

                                                    Spinach and Fennel little Flans

Prosciutto and Cinghiale salame

                                             Chicken liver and mushroom patè

Funghi consommé

                                      Rice with mushroom



Arrosto in Salsa Roasted with sauce and zucchini

Porcellino arrosto con patate (Roasted Pork with potatoes)


                              Panettone with gelato

But the very special touch is always the cute and tiny sorbetto before dessert to clean your palate

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