Monday, December 13, 2010

10 Scaloppine recipes : Pinkish Scaloppine

Today we want to suggest you a delicious recipe for scaloppine , a friend gave us this recipe last weekend :
Pinkish Scaloppine
5 slices  turkey breast 
Butter: 30 gr
flour   4 tbsp.
Milk  half  a glass 
Mascarpone 250 gr
Tomatoe puree 2  tbsp.
Extra vergin olive oil 4 tbsp
Vino rosato 1 glass 
Salt & Pepper
Pinkish scaloppine are a  delicious and light dish, fast to prepare  but with a surprising taste. 
It’s very important the meat is  of high quality .It’s possible to realize it with turkey, chicken and  veal.

Slice the breast and flour them on both sides. In  a pan let some butter melt and add some olive oil. Lay the scaloppine in the pan  and cook on both sides till they have  “got  a little bit of colour ” . 

Pour the wine in and let it evaporate. At the same  time dilute the tomato puree with  two spoons of water.

Add the tomato on top of the  scaloppini, adjust with salt and pepper. Add  the  milk   and then the mascarpone. Stir everything to let it melt perfectly. Thicken the gravy.

Serve the scaloppini  warm  with the  pinkish gravy on top.


  1. I've just discovered your blog and I had to comment on all the beautiful, colorful images of such wonderful food recipes! Will definitely return for another visit!

  2. Thanks for your comment . Keep in touch