Friday, December 2, 2011

Crostini di Salsiccia

Italian dishes are extremely simple: the important thing is the quality of the ingredients used.
Crostini alla salsiccia, called crostini if made with a small slice of toasted bread, and crostoni  if done with a large slice of bread,  are beloved. You can eat them raw if the sausages are fresh, up to the day before, and if you can trust the butcher, or cooked. Very good and beloved, just look at those who are on FB group "Crostini di salsiccia e Stracchino"
Crostini di Salsiccia 
2 sausages                  
100g stracchino cheese
Chop the sausages and mix them with the stracchino until you obtain a smooth cream.
Mix in the parsley,salt and pepper. 
Spread the cream on bread slices.

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