Thursday, May 1, 2008

At the Market in Chianti

Italian open market are a great tradition in any towns, they can be daily, weekly or monthly .

Greve in Chianti market and Giovanni da Verrazzano monument

You can buy food, on season fruits & vegetables.

clothes, kitchen stuffs or artisan products.

Last Saturday was a wonderful Spring day and Simonetta brought our American guests to the famous market in Greve in Chianti, one of the most famous little towns in Chianti. The market takes place in the characteristic main square .
" Oh a nice Italian scarf ! I have to buy it to be like an Italian woman" told Dianne . So I discovered Italian women are well know for dressing scarf .

"Wonderful Italian artichokes ! Can we use during our cooking class this afternoon ? " Jenny , our guest from Canada. She likes any kind of vegetables and so she loves to come to Italy. We decided to buy them for a pasta sauce .

At the market you can find the best cheeses : Mozzarella, Ricotta, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Provolone , pecorino , robiola and many more. We tasted some Pecorino Toscano (Tuscan Pecorino cheese) at our friend Pietro. Everybody agreed it was better than "Romano" they could eat at home.

It's time for a coffee break Italian style at one of the bar in the square .
Then we continued our shopping and bought some gourmet food for our lunch before the cooking class: roasted chicken ,fried polenta , olives , stuffed olives Ascoli style
And the most typical gourmet food at an Italian market : Porchetta !

It's a whole roasted pig with spices, then you they cut in slices . You can it with like a sandwich for a quick snack or bring home for your meal.
We can't forget to buy some strawberries for our dessert
Then we drive back home for our lunch and cooking class with all our shopping .

Buon Appetito !

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