Friday, January 23, 2009

Big event in Poggio S. Polo

Big event in our small ,small village : Poggio San Polo.
Cerimony in San Polo in Rosso convent with political and religious authority, Archibishop of Fiesole ,representatives from the Chianti League , the choir Radda in Chianti with children’s choir and many people

Poggio is the top of a hill, S. Polo refers to St.Paul (properly spelled Paolo in Italian ).
For Catholic this year is the 2000 year from conversio of saint Paul’s birth so it’s a special year for our village and for S. Polo in Rosso Church, a convent 10 minutes walk from us.

Already Etruscan people lived in the area and cultivated grapes.The village and the church go back to the 1300, before Michelangelo and Leonardo time and were on the border line between the always fighting towns of Siena and Florence: the heart of that Chianti nowadays so well known for its wine : Chianti Classico .
Now we are 40 persons, Italians from 3 to 89 years living in medieval houses surrounded by vineyards and olive groves.

30 years ago Poggio san Polo was abandoned :everybody left to town to find a work as agriculture was too hard.
20 years ago new families moved here from different parts of Italy: the lake of Como, Radda and Florence (our family). And then other three Italian families joined the village. In January 1997 in the village two children were born with 2 days difference (January 22 & 24) . Strange?
Then in the last years other 5 kids join the community.

You can meet people which are involved in different jobs: country workers, carpenters, a pediatrician, a banker , an architecture, Italian Cooking teachers , 2 family are involved in welcoming in their homes tourists from all over the world.

Poggio S. Polo, the tiny village in the middle of nowhere is living again.

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