Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sunday Lunch in Italy

Many times people ask us how Italians eat, if they prepare their meals every day, if families eat together and if they use frozen food. With great surprise we answer Italians are very traditional and for most families meals it’s the time for talking, a couple relation is always based on one of the partners’ capacity in cooking. Eating or inviting for dinner at home is far better considered than eating at a restaurant.And even if pasta is not home made, the sauce is .

Sincerely we usually base our answer on people we know, friends, neighbors or what we hear by other Italians but today an article written on an Italian magazine helps us .

From "Torna il pranzo delle domenica " by Fiammetta Fadda, Panorama magazine Jan 15, 2009

“What do Italians eat at home on Sunday meal? The preferred menù is organized as follows : salami, pasta, stuffed or not, roasted meat and potatoes, salad, cake and gelato. The same one as 50 years ago ,on which nouvelle cuisine, happy hour , finger food, molecular cooking have passes without leaving any effect.”

Don’t smile :this is Italy!

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