Monday, December 5, 2011

Giardiniera Granma recipe

 Holidays are approaching  and so are  gifts for friends and relatives, why not  something homemade ? We can prepare something to eat every day that goes well with vegetarian friends:  la giardiniera (the gardener), who is one of the most popular  traditional Italian pickles. It can be prepared with different vegetables depending on the season.
Oh, it’s called “gardener” because when  prepared with different vegetables  it’s a feast of colours like a garden!

The ingredients that we used:
Black pepper 1/2 teaspoons
 Water: 1/2 liter
 4 tablespoons coarse salt
 Vinegar 2 liters
 4 tablespoons sugar
 Laurel leaves 3
 200 g red peppers
 Cauliflower 200 gr
but you can make it with onions, celery, carrots, peppers of various colors, green beans, peas, cucumbers,cauliflowers

Clean and wash all the vegetables, cut into small pieces, peppers and cauliflowers into thin strips
Put the vinegar  and water in a pan on the fire  with the bay leaves, salt and sugar.
When the vinegar boils, throw in the carrots, green beans and peas and let simmer for around 10 minutes.

Then add the cauliflower, peppers, cucumbers and continue cooking until all the vegetables are ready: they’ll be tender but not soft.
Drain the vegetables well and leave to cool.
Then toss gently and place the pickles in jars, close them, sterilize by boiling for half an hour in a pan covered with water.

Wait 30 days before you eat your pickles.

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