Sunday, August 4, 2013

Beef fillets with Olives and Tomato Sauce

It’s a quick and easy recipe and comes out tasty every time “Alla pizzaiola” literally means "pizza style" because of the tomato sauce and origano.
As for many Italian recipes you can find different variations , depending on family’s taste
Straccetti alla pizzaiola
4 beef fillets
200g tomato pulp
100g black olives
20g capers
4 anchovy fillets
Extra vergin olive oil
Salt and Pepper

Chop the anchovy fillets ,the capers and the olives. Gently fry them in extravergin olive oil. Add the tomato pulp and cook at a moderate heat for approx. 15 minutes (add a few spoonfuls of warm water if this mixture becomes too thick).In the remaining oil gently fry the beef fillets on both sides. Add salt when they are cooked. Then add the tomato sauce and cook a little more. Serve immediately.
Suggestion: Instead of beef you can use turkey or chicken or pork.

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  1. That does sound tasty. I especially love preparing with anchovies. Yum!